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Athletic Department Update 11-6-20

Posted On: Friday, November 06, 2020
By: Justin Nash


Baltimore County Public Schools has announced its re-engagement plan for high school athletics. Please understand the information can change at any moment due to the ever-changing environment that we are currently in. According to the plan, student-athletes will have the opportunity to return to their school campuses to participate in voluntary conditioning and skill development sessions. The conditioning/skill-based development sessions will be open to all interested high school students. In order to participate in conditioning/skill development, students must contact the head coach first to let them know they want to participate, register online with FormReleaf, complete the pre-participation physical (email to Mr. Nash-PDF-file),  and sign parent/student participation acknowledgement statements (NEW Form).

-BCPS Reengagement Plan: https://www.bcps.org/reopen/pdf/102720-Athletics%20Fall%20Reengagement%20Plan%20October272020.pdf

-New Covid Form:  


  • The Covid form must be signed and returned to their head coach on the first day of in person conditioning. Students unable to participate in conditioning, must return the paper to their head coach on the first day of tryouts.

-FormReleaf Registration Link: https://app.formreleaf.com/organizations/towson-high-school

-Physical Form: https://www.mpssaa.org/assets/1/6/Physical_Evaluation_Form.pdf

Participation will require that students adhere to several requirements such as wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, bringing their own water bottles and hand sanitizer to each practice, and demonstrating good hygiene and behavior. Students who fail to observe these requirements may be removed from the program and not permitted to return. The plan offers specific details and information about accommodations for students with special needs, inclement weather, workout times, sanitization of equipment, and other procedures to protect students and staff from COVID-19. In addition to the in-person voluntary conditioning and skill development sessions, BCPS will continue to offer virtual coaching and conditioning to high school student-athletes through the first semester, which ends Jan. 29, 2021.

Schedule for small group conditioning and skill development sessions:

*Please note, not all sports will be offering this option. The sports listed below will be offering this option.

Winter sports      

Nov. 16 – Dec. 4 (Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Indoor Track and Field)

Fall sports           

Dec. 7 – Dec. 30 (Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Badminton, Field Hockey)

Spring sports       

Jan. 4 – Jan. 22 (Girls Lacrosse, Baseball, Outdoor Track and Field, Cheerleading)

Additionally, the Maryland State Board of Education voted to approve the MPSSAA Proposal to start the competitive sports seasons starting on December 7th. Currently, we are awaiting further guidance from BCPS on what the plan with be for indoor sports. We will pass along this information as soon as it become available.

Academic Eligibility: First quarter grades will determine eligibility for the start of the December 7th winter season. Students are ineligible if they have less than a 2.0 grade point average (quarter grades) with no more than one failing, incomplete, or medical grade on their first quarter report card.

Winter sports season

First practice – Dec. 7

First play date – Jan. 4

Last play date – Feb. 13

Fall sports season

First practice – Feb. 13

First play date – Mar. 5

Last play date – Apr. 17

Spring sports season

First practice – Apr. 17

First play date – May 7

Last play date – Jun. 19


Fall Sports Coach E-Mail Address
Badminton Steven Page stevenmhpage@gmail.com
Cheerleading Courtiney Jacobs kjacobs@bcps.org
Cross Country Gil Stange gstange@bcps.org
Field Hockey Natalee Szopo nszopo@bcps.org
Football Kelly Bryant kelly.coley.bryant@gmail.com
Soccer – Boys’ Randy Dase rdase@bcps.org
Soccer – Girls’ Lauren Hanley lhanley@bcps.org
Winter Sport Coach E-Mail Address
Boys’ Basketball Tim Sinkler bmorebuckets@gmail.com
Girls’ Basketball Tim Gavin tgavin2@bcps.org
Cheerleading Courtiney Jacobs kjacobs@bcps.org
Indoor Track Gil Stange gstange@bcps.org
Spring Sports Coach E-Mail Address
Baseball Shawn Tormey stormey@bcps.org
Girls Lacrosse Jamie Giffuni jamie.giffuni@gmail.com
Outdoor Track Gil Stange gstange@bcps.org
Cheerleading Courtiney Jacobs kjacobs@bcps.org


Please email Mr. Nash if you have any questions or concerns. (jnash3@bcps.org)

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