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Fall Sports Ticket Information

Posted On: Thursday, March 11, 2021
By: Justin Nash
Here’s the latest information about tickets for fall sports. The ONLY way to purchase tickets to our games (badminton, soccer, football, and field hockey, cheer) is through our online vendor Ticket Spicket. Coaches will receive a code for each fall athlete on Friday (3/12) allowing that child’s family to purchase one ticket to each home and away event for the mini season. The code is unique to that child and doesn’t change throughout the fall mini season. Coaches will hand out the code individually to each player. Games will begin to go live starting Friday for purchase.
Please use this link to learn more about how to use the system. Tickets to away events will need to be purchased on the away schools ticket spicket website.
Spectator Guidelines:

 Per the County Executive Order, attendance at organized amateur sports events is limited to:

Players, Referees and/or officials, Athletic trainers, coaches, staff, one parent or guardian per participant, and no additional spectators are allowed.

Spectator Expectations

Face coverings are required at all times for the parent or guardian in attendance. Failure to adhere to the face covering guideline will result in removal from the contest.

The parent or guardian in attendance must practice social distancing. Failure to adhere to the social distancing guideline will result in removal from the contest.

There is to be no congregating at the field or in the stadium following the game. All parents are to meet their student back at the school.

How to attend game:

Download the app or go to http://spicket.events/bcps to find games.

One ticket will be available for purchase via Ticket Spicket for each home and away participant.

Coaches or athletic directors will give student athletes their code for a parent to purchase a ticket to their athletic event.

Parents must show their phone at the gate to redeem their ticket.

Parents must not redeem the ticket prior to arriving at the gate.

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